What we offer

01Reinforcement Works

Aside from guiding students in the completion of their homework, we provide additional enrichment materials to help students attain complete mastery over what they are learning in morning school.

02Extracurricular Clubs

We offer a selection of extracurricular clubs at select schools to help student learn different educational and life skills such as Mandarin Chinese, Lego Robotics, Latin Hip-Hop, Chess, Racquet Club, and many more!

03New Gen Parenting

Coming Soon: New Generation Parenting Seminars. In our efforts to help parents better understand their kids, we will be having seminars and reading materials with advice from retired principals and teachers.

Services Overview

Well Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are assessed, recruited, and then specifically trained, in accordance to the NYS curriculum, for the class that they will be taking care of.

Homework Help

We provide the time, place, and the assistance to ensure your child completes their homework completely and correctly. Feel free to ask about your child's progress from their teachers!

Academic Enrichment

In addition to homework assistance, we provide academic reinforcement of the materials learned daily through personalized worksheets.

Recreation & Life Skills

In addition to academic support, we also offer extracurricular clubs for those who wish to learn different life skills and the need for stress release.